Top 10 Wedding Photography Spots in Oldham 1

Top 10 Wedding Photography Spots in Oldham 2

1. Alexandra Park

If you’re looking to have a wedding photoshoot amidst stunning natural beauty, Alexandra Park is the place to go. Boasting a lake, woodland areas, and blooming flower beds, this park offers an idyllic backdrop for your wedding photoshoots. Learn more about the topic in this external resource we’ve prepared for you. Visit this valuable content.

2. The Old Town Hall

One of Oldham’s most iconic buildings, The Old Town Hall has a timeless quality that makes it the perfect place for a wedding photoshoot. The architecture and grandeur of the building make it an unforgettable backdrop for wedding photos.

3. Oldham Parish Church

If you’re looking for a traditional and religious wedding photoshoot, Oldham Parish Church should be your first choice. The beautiful stained glass windows and the stunning architecture make this church a breathtaking location for any wedding photoshoot.

4. Lyceum Theatre Oldham

The Lyceum Theatre Oldham is an impressive and historic building that offers a perfect backdrop for wedding photoshoots. The theatre’s unique character, including its stunning stage area, creates a perfect setting for your wedding photoshoots.

5. Saddleworth Moor

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding photoshoot, Saddleworth Moor is an excellent location to consider. The wild and rugged terrain will create stunning rustic images that will be remembered for a lifetime.

6. Hollinwood Canal

The Hollinwood Canal is a quiet and serene location that offers a peaceful setting for wedding photoshoots. With its tranquillity and the gentle flow of water, the canal provides a unique backdrop for wedding photos.

7. Dunwood Park

Dunwood Park is another public park in Oldham that offers picturesque scenery for wedding photoshoots. With its ornamental ponds, blooming flower beds, and rolling hills, this park is a perfect place for wedding photography.

8. Oldham Art Gallery

The Oldham Art Gallery is an elegant and historic building that boasts some of the most spectacular art exhibitions in the area. If you’re looking for an artistic and cultural feel to your wedding photos, this gallery is a perfect location.

9. Cotton Mills

Oldham is synonymous with the cotton industry, and its numerous Cotton Mills provide a unique backdrop for wedding photoshoots. The old industrial architecture of the mills juxtaposed with the natural beauty of Oldham creates a fascinating setting for any wedding shoot.

10. Tandle Hill Country Park

Last but not least, Tandle Hill Country Park is yet another scenic and stunning location that offers lush greenery, rolling hills and wandering paths, which allures photographers to capture breathtaking images from your wedding day. Looking to broaden your understanding of the topic? Access this carefully selected external resource and discover additional information.

No matter your location, Oldham offers perfect wedding photography spots for every kind of wedding photoshoot you may have in mind. These locations featuring natural beauty, historic architecture, and awe-inspiring locations will make the perfect setting for your wedding photoshoot, capturing the magic and memories of your special day that will last a lifetime.

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