The Significance of Authenticity on Instagram 1

The Evolution of Instagram

Instagram has undergone immense transformation since its launch in 2010. Today, it has over a billion active users globally who share about 95 million videos and photos daily. Instagram continues to be an integral part of the lives of individuals, brands, and businesses who rely on the platform for marketing and engagement.

However, the rapid growth of Instagram has brought about an increase in users creating inauthentic content, including fake news, spam, and bots. This has led to the rise of authenticity and transparency as significant factors that users now consider before following, engaging, or buying from a brand or influencer account.

The Importance of Authenticity

Authenticity refers to the act of being transparent, genuine, honest, and open about who you are on Instagram. This can be expressed through the use of original photos and videos, using real-life testimonials, or responding honestly to user comments and feedback. Authenticity is critical on this social media platform because it impacts your brand or personal reputation directly.

Consider an instance where a follower of a food blogger discovers that the pictures posted on the blog are not from the blogger’s cooking. This discovery risks the blogger’s reputation and can result in a loss of trust from their followers. Similarly, a business that is found to be posting fake reviews can be penalized or banned from Instagram.

The Consequences of Inauthenticity

Instagram is increasingly cracking down on inauthentic activities such as fake followers, fake likes, fake comments, and fake influencers. This is because these activities contravene their user policies and guidelines and pose a risk to user trust. One consequence of inauthenticity on Instagram is a decline in engagement levels for the account. Accounts with fake followers tend to have lower engagement levels. Furthermore, with Instagram’s algorithm changes, fake followers, and likes lessen the authenticity of genuine engagement.

Inauthentic accounts also risk being detected by potential customers who may be looking for legitimate social proof. Brands that engage in spam-like activities risk tarnishing their reputation and alienating their followers. This is a substantial loss considering that organic followers tend to purchase more regularly and have a greater lifetime value.

The Advantages of Authenticity

On the other hand, having an authentic account on Instagram has numerous benefits, such as higher engagement levels and better social proof. Authentic accounts tend to experience a stronger sense of belonging and community with their audience, which breeds brand loyalty.

Furthermore, authentic accounts on Instagram typically have a more engaged and active audience that interacts with their content and generates dialogue. Such discussions often increase the visibility of an account and, ultimately, attract more followers. Authentic accounts experience increased trust levels and attract partnerships with other like-minded individuals and businesses. This translates into a business’s bottom line growth as authentic accounts tend to drive more organic traffic.


Authenticity is crucial in the current environment of Instagram, dominated by sponsored posts, influencers, and brand partnerships. As a user, being transparent, real, and honest will ultimately build trust and engagement with your audience. In the long run, authenticity creates a more engaging and loyal following, increasing your ability to achieve your objectives on the platform, be it personal, business, or otherwise.

Authenticity is a principal virtue that will not only set you apart on Instagram but will also be a founding principle in your success on the platform. For more information on the subject, we suggest exploring this external site we’ve selected for you. Find more information in this comprehensive article, explore new insights and additional information to enrich your understanding of the subject.

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